A Place Called Home

Livi Talbot’s husband David gambled on a glorious dream called “Kentucky” — until death cruelly claimed him on the Wilderness Road. Left widowed and pregnant with two children to care for, Livi vowed to be strong in the face of unimaginable hardships for the sake of her family and David’s dream.

Abandoned in a violent young America, Livi must now find the courage to endure. For this wild land of beauty and promise is a place of peril — where both nature and hostile Indians show no mercy. But this cabin in Kentucky is where Livi’s true destiny lies. As she faces the adversity and love that will mold her into a woman of abiding purpose and uncompromising strength, she follows her heart to . . . A PLACE CALLED HOME.

“Five Star historical reading!” —Rendezvous

“Elizabeth Grayson breathes life into remarkable and memorable characters.” —Kathe Robin — Romantic Times.