Color of the Wind

To honor the promise she gave her dying stepsister, Ardith Merritt must take her niece and nephews to their father—a continent away from her comfortable life as a children’s book illustrator. But the perilous journey will bring her face to face with her darkest fears…and the man who betrayed her so many years ago.

Exiled to a ranch in Wyoming by his aristocratic British family, Baird Northcross is a failure, a scoundrel, a cad—a man with no future. Until the rugged beauty of the land, the unexpected satisfaction of hard work, and the presence of a woman like no other awaken him to the possibility of happiness…if only he can keep from destroying this last, precious chance to win her love.

“This is one to savor. Not to be missed.” —The Denver Post

“Grayson’s enjoyable novel offers vivid scenes and character development. As the story develops each of the characters suffers disappointment and loss—but in the end, they come together, learning what it means to be a family.” —Publishers Weekly