So Wide the Sky

“Memorable.” —Publishers Weekly

“A heartstirring, intense tale… Impossible to put down!” —Kathe Robin, Romantic Times


Kidnapped when her family was massacred on the Santa Fe Trail, Cassandra Morgan survived nine years as a Kiowa captive. Now she is being traded back to the whites — returning to a life she hardly remembers and bearing an indelible mark that will forever brand her as an outcast.


Drew Reynolds, a dashing cavalry captain and Cassie’s first love, felt honor-bound to marry her — thought he knows she is no longer the innocent girl he cherished. Lone Hunter Jalbert, the proud half-Indian scout, secretly desired to claim Cass as his own — because only he understands what it is to be caught between two worlds.


“Five Hearts!!! SO WIDE THE SKY may well be the rare unforgettable book.” —The Romance Reader

Winner of the Write Touch Readers Award for Historical Fiction
Winner Romance Communications Reviewers’ Choice Award

“Five Star historical reading!” —Rendezvous

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Color of the Wind

“This is one to savor. Not to be missed.” —The Denver Post

“Grayson’s enjoyable novel offers vivid scenes and character development. As the story develops each of the characters suffers disappointment and loss—but in the end, they come together, learning what it means to be a family.” —Publishers Weekly

To honor the promise she gave her dying stepsister, Ardith Merritt must take her niece and nephews to their father—a continent away from her comfortable life as a children’s book illustrator. But the perilous journey will bring her face to face with her darkest fears…and the man who betrayed her so many years ago.

Exiled to a ranch in Wyoming by his aristocratic British family, Baird Northcross is a failure, a scoundrel, a cad—a man with no future. Until the rugged beauty of the land, the unexpected satisfaction of hard work, and the presence of a woman like no other awaken him to the possibility of happiness…if only he can keep from destroying this last, precious chance to win her love.

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A Place Called Home

Livi Talbot’s husband David gambled on a glorious dream called “Kentucky” — until death cruelly claimed him on the Wilderness Road. Left widowed and pregnant with two children to care for, Livi vowed to be strong in the face of unimaginable hardships for the sake of her family and David’s dream.

Abandoned in a violent young America, Livi must now find the courage to endure. For this wild land of beauty and promise is a place of peril — where both nature and hostile Indians show no mercy. But this cabin in Kentucky is where Livi’s true destiny lies. As she faces the adversity and love that will mold her into a woman of abiding purpose and uncompromising strength, she follows her heart to . . . A PLACE CALLED HOME.

“Elizabeth Grayson breathes life into remarkable and memorable characters.” —Kathe Robin — Romantic Time

“Elizabeth Grayson is clearly a great historical writing talent.” —Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur

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Painted by the Sun

Following the westward route of the Orphan Trains, itinerant photographer Shea Waterston is searching for the infant son she was forced to give up ten years ago. To pay her way, Shea photographs everything from church choirs to outlaws, and is setting up her camera at a hanging when she lands in Judge Gallimore’s jail.

Colorado Territorial Judge Cameron Gallimore, a strong but just man, damned himself years before with one fateful decision. But when Shea is hurt saving his life, Cameron takes her to his ranch—against his own better judgement—to recuperate. While there, Shea begins to suspect the Judge’s ten-year-old son is her own lost child.

But the boy’s identity isn’t the only secret Cam has, and just as Shea begins to heal the empty places in his heart, Cam’s past catches up with him. Now Cameron must stand against his enemies to protect his boy and win Shea’s love forever.

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Moon in the Water

“Grayson’s absorbing plot races nimbly along a fast current. The sandbars and snags are as realistic as the people who confront them, and her details about river running would make Mark Twain proud. When the dramatic denouement finally occurs, readers will feel as if Ann and Chase are personal friends.” —Publishers Weekly

“This is Grayson’s greatest achievement yet, a true keeper.” —Kathe Robin — Romantic Times

“Grayson’s beautifully spare, eloquent writing perfectly complements her quietly brilliant story… Readers will want to savor every bit of this powerful, poignant, and sweetly passionate romance.” —Booklist, starred review

Winner of the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, for Best American Historical

Finalist for the RWA Rita and the Willa Cather Literary Awards.

Ann Rossiter is no man’s idea of the perfect wife, yet she has a chance—a single chance—to insure her future. To protect her unborn child, Ann agrees to marry a common riverboat pilot. In exchange, he’ll gain command of her stepfather’s magnificent new steamer—the Andromeda. But as they ply the western rivers together, Ann is drawn to her new husband, to his quiet strength and smoldering magnetism. Still, she dares not yield her heart for fear he will discover her most terrifying secret.

As the Andromeda steams toward the wilds of the Montana Territory, Chase Hardesty finds himself falling in love with his new bride. But when Ann’s past comes back with a vengeance, will their marriage of convenience end in tragedy—or in love forever?

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Bride of the Wilderness

By the time she was widowed at twenty-three, Celene Bernard had leaned that a woman need a fiery spirit and strong will to survive. So when she saw a fur trader pestering another woman at the Prairie de Chien rendezvous, she pushed him into the mud. She was even more furious at the uncivilized trapper when he demanded that she become his bride — and her own traitorous father agreed.

An Englishman who had lived for years among the Indians, Burke Cardwell hardened his heart to Celene’s refusal of his proposal, yet soon he grows determined to win her respect. As they brave danger among the fur traders, trappers, and Indians in the Mississippi Valley — and struggle to triumph over hardship and betrayal — a debt of gratitude grows into a bond of passion, and two hearts hardened by the wilderness are softened by the tender touch of love.

Finalist for The Write Touch Reader’s Award

Midnight Lace

As the London Strangler terrorizes the city, Lady Grayson Ware’s ambition to become an actress throws her into Lord Duncan Palmer’s arms. But is Duncan the compelling man she believes him to be, or England’s most dangerous criminal? A historical mystery/romance.


From This Day Onward

When Confederate blockade runner Ryder Bingham escapes from a Yankee prison by taking Jillian Walsh hostage, he never imagines he has found the woman he has been seeking all his life. In the closing days of the Civil War Jillian and Ryder risk everything to be together in spite of the treachery and betrayals that tear their world apart.


Let No Man Divide

Civil War nurse Leigh Pennington has dedicated herself to nursing the wounded, but in the heat of her first battle, she meets Yankee shipbuilder Hayes Banister. It is Hayes’s love that challenges her and sustains her through years of darkness and danger, through times of tears and triumph until at last they can be together.


Love, Honor and Betray

Lovers turned against each other by the War of 1812, American Charlotte Beckwith and Englishman Seth Porterfield fight not only forces set to destroy their beloved countries, but the passions raging between them that can not be denied.

Portrait of a Lady –Second Chance at Love # 285

When museum conservator Paige Fenton discovers that the 16th century masterpiece Grant Hamilton has sold her museum is a fake, she is not sure if his attentions to her are genuine or an attempt to keep her from exposing the truth.

A Simple Gift

“Will keep fans of women’s fiction smiling and reaching for the tissues.” —Publishers Weekly

“Lyrical and moving, this novel tells one family’s emotional tale of healing and redemption. Witmer’s latest is storytelling at its best; it draws the reader in and never lets go. This deeply captivating tale will resonate with readers who enjoy intelligently written fiction. ” 4 1/2 stars —Sheri Melnick, Romantic Times Book Reviews

“Witmer has created a quietly powerful story about marriage and family, love and friendship, and life’s sorrows and joys that is splendidly satisfying.” —Booklist

Avery and Mike thought they had the perfect American family until their daughter ran away. Now Fiona’s back in town…and nothing will ever be the same again.

Avery Montgomery’s life changed forever in the checkout line at the Food-4-Less when she discovered her long-lost daughter, Fiona, working at the next register. Though Avery yearns to reestablish contact, Fiona has secrets and failures she can’t bring herself to share with her mother—and especially with her father.

Finally forced to choose between her marriage to Mike and a future that includes their beloved only child, Avery struggles to heal the rift that is tearing her family apart. To do that, she must risk everything she cares about, confront the sorrows of the past, and rediscover the love that once bound her family together. Avery must reach out to her husband and her daughter to forge a bright new future—and she must do it through a simple gift conceived in love.

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