Bride of the Wilderness

By the time she was widowed at twenty-three, Celene Bernard had leaned that a woman need a fiery spirit and strong will to survive. So when she saw a fur trader pestering another woman at the Prairie de Chien rendezvous, she pushed him into the mud. She was even more furious at the uncivilized trapper when he demanded that she become his bride — and her own traitorous father agreed.

An Englishman who had lived for years among the Indians, Burke Cardwell hardened his heart to Celene’s refusal of his proposal, yet soon he grows determined to win her respect. As they brave danger among the fur traders, trappers, and Indians in the Mississippi Valley — and struggle to triumph over hardship and betrayal — a debt of gratitude grows into a bond of passion, and two hearts hardened by the wilderness are softened by the tender touch of love.

Finalist for The Write Touch Reader’s Award

“Elizabeth Grayson is clearly a great historical writing talent.” —Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur